NOV Customer Showcase

Tight close up of a red product at shrimp boil event, with people seen in the far background

NOV invites you to see our latest technologies and enjoy some fried fish at an NOV Customer Showcase!

We’re excited to host our customers and partners at our Customer Showcase. Please join us for a delicious fish fry and to see the latest and greatest technologies we have to offer.

Thursday, May 4, 2023

11:00 AM - 3:00 PM

NOV Bammel Facility | 5100 N. Sam Houston Pkwy West | Houston, TX 77086

Parking: Please use this pin or review the map below carefully to see the correct entrance for onsite parking.

Illustrated NOV customer showcase map

See below for all the technologies that will be showcased at the event.

Rig Technologies

Rig Equipment

Aftermarket Operations – Mission

  • Maverick Piston
  • Blak-JAK™ Washpipe Cartridge System
  • HXE Manual Choke Valve
  • HPTX1 Gate Valve
  • 2500 Supreme™ Centrifugal Pump
  • Power Slip 14L
  • BX4-50 Hydraulic Actuated Elevator
  • Rotary Hand Slip
  • Blak-JAK™ Liner Retention System
  • Blak-JAK™ Torque Pro Valve Cover System
  • Titan Class BX Reset Relief Valve

Aftermarket Operations

Wellbore Technologies

WellSite Services

  • L-Series RCD Bowl
  • L-Series RCD Bearing
  • J-Series RCD Bowl
  • J-Series RCD Bearing
  • MPD Manifold - Land
  • NControl™ MPD System
  • RCD Elements Poly & Natural
  • Seal Sleeve
  • Alpha™ Shaker
  • Titan™ Centrifuge
  • SMART™ Control Panel

M/D Totco



Grant Prideco

  • Premium Drilling and Completion Tubular

Directional Drilling Technologies


  • TK™ Coatings
  • KC Connection
  • Rod Guides
  • Zap-Lok™
  • TK™-Liner
  • TracID™