Ameron poles enable connectivity for Super Bowl LVI

Our small cell poles play an integral role in the wireless infrastructure for SoFi Stadium

Ameron poles enable connectivity for Super Bowl LVI
Feb 10, 2022

When you think of the Super Bowl, you probably think of athleticism, excitement, camaraderie, and world-class, immersive entertainment. At the game, or in hometowns across America, loud and excited fans rally together screaming passionately in support of their favorite team. All the while, players are urging the ball down the field towards their team’s endzone. Even though all eyes are upon those bright yellow goalposts, there are other poles contributing to the Super Bowl experience that you may not have noticed. While they may not be the first thing fans think about at the game, small cell poles play an integral role in today’s evolving wireless infrastructure.

We are excited to be part of the Super Bowl LVI experience by supporting the cutting-edge wireless technology around SoFi Stadium. We have manufactured and supplied close to 100 concrete small cell poles, which are installed near the stadium in preparation for the big game. Small cell poles, smaller and less recognizable than cell towers, often double as streetlight poles with the advantages of providing additional wireless coverage and capacity. Ushering in a new world of high-speed connectivity, our small cell poles make it faster and easier for people to stay connected today and for years to come.  At Sofi Stadium, this means fans heading to the game can share their experiences in real time with their friends at home.

Verizon 5G small cell pole

The solution of choice to support advancing connectivity needs, our poles are designed specifically to support wireless equipment and match the local aesthetic. This keeps communities beautiful and connected. Our dedicated small cell group works in partnership with municipalities and our customers to bridge gaps and forge solutions between stakeholders. The Ameron team has decades of firsthand experience in engineering, manufacturing, and wireless deployment. We work with city engineers to establish standards in municipalities across the country, while meeting the small cell design needs of our wireless partners.

Closeup of Verizon 5G pole

We know how cities work and are ready to be your trusted small cell infrastructure partner.

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