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Chainsaw bit with ION 3D cutter technology sets Appalachian Basin fluid drilling ROP record

Innovative cutter technology carves a path through drilling challenges

Jul 26, 2019

A customer in the Marcellus Shale needed to drill a difficult 8¾-in. tangent section on fluid in a single BHA while meeting directional requirements and increasing the overall average ROP. The lithology of the section was primarily sandstone, shale, and siltstone. Previous competitor bits had failed to meet these objectives.

The customer chose our ReedHycalog DSC616M-X18 Chainsaw™ drill bit with ION™ 3D cutter technology to address their challenges. The combination of bit design and unique ION 3D cutter placement optimized the bit’s interaction with the formation, allowing the customer to not only meet their initial objectives but to set the fluid drilling ROP record for the Appalachian Basin at 189.9 ft/hr. When compared to the operator’s runs with comparable parameters in the region, the ReedHycalog bit increased overall average ROP by 104% in Susquehanna County, Pennsylvania. In addition, the ROP increase was so pronounced that across four counties (Susquehanna, Wyoming, Bradford, and Sullivan) where comparable tangent sections were drilled on fluid, the improvement was still 76%.

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