Statement of feasibility

DNV’s Concept Certification confirms the technical feasibility and compliance with the relevant design standards. The GustoMSC Tri-Floater is a triangular semi-submersible with an offshore wind turbine column at the centre of one of its sides. The semi-sub structure is modular and can be tailored to fit any desired wind turbine. It has good overall performance and has a shallow draft in port, thanks to its innovative arrangement and buoyant damper boxes. The Tri-Floater is designed to meet the needs of the floating offshore wind market.

The completed Technical and Commercial Assessment is an overall review of the concept from a technology readiness and commercialization perspective, taking into account evaluation of the concept with regards to fabrication, transport, installation and operation phases. The focus of GustoMSC Tri-Floater design lays on easy manufacturing, optimizing for local and global supply chain, operations and maintenance.

Barend Jenje, Commercial Director Floating Wind, GustoMSC, states: “Having successfully completed DNV’s reviews brings us closer to exploit the potential of floating offshore wind and its key contribution to affordable, reliable, sustainable and modern energy for all. Thanks to our extensive experience in offshore projects, our involvement in the upcoming floating projects and the combined expertise in NOV, GustoMSC is particularly well- positioned to contribute to the successful development of this new technology.”

Integrated NOV technologies

A wide range of innovative NOV technologies applicable to the floating wind market compliment the Tri-Floater design, and rely on decades of past offshore experience from leading specialists like GustoMSC and NOV-APL, combining together insightful knowledge into a unique design. These technologies and know-how are recognized by DNV when noting that the Tri-Floater concept benefits from continuous interaction with industry players via various partnerships and projects:

“Inhouse capabilities relate to GustoMSC having a strong track record in providing designs to the offshore wind value chain. NOV adds track-record in developing and delivering large-scale, complex industrial projects and has transferable in-house experience from mooring and electrical cabling.”