The EFD viewer provides enables rapid assessment of the condition of the entire wellbore from a pressure perspective and the dynamic stability of the entire drilling system. Additionally, the EFD viewer provides an estimated equivalent circulating density reading at the shoe, updated in real time.

Using a color gradient-based display, users can easily assess conditions such as hole cleaning and the impact parameters have on it, sweep efficiency, and the onset of hole instability and losses. The gradient-based method enables more rapid digestion of complex data than traditional methods, facilitating swifter decision making and a net reduction of risk in our customers’ operations.

The dynamics portion of the viewer illustrates the dynamic state of the drillstring, allowing users to easily determine a change in the stability of the overall system. EFD viewer operation requires IntelliServ™ high-speed wired pipe telemetry, a minimum of two pressure and dynamics measure points, and our EDR installed at the rigsite and associated workstation.