ASME certification is a globally recognized standard for the construction of pressure vessels, piping, and components for oil and gas, chemical and industrial (C&I), marine, and nuclear industries, requiring an ASME audit and authorization to ensure the manufactured equipment is safe and meets all compliance measures. As a mark of quality and commitment to best practices, the certification confirms NOV’s adherence to quality control and improved efficiencies in the manufacturing process.

FGS Malaysia successfully completed the certification process in late 2018 at the Senia facility, initially introducing the capability to produce Class I fiber-reinforced plastic pressure vessels up to 145 psi (10 bar) design pressure for vessels with internal diameters of up to 40 in. (1.0 m) to the FGS pressurized equipment portfolio.

Recent approval of FGS Plymouth’s site follows development of filament-wound dome end components, which represent a new type of Bondstrand™ fitting to replace traditional blind flanges for higher pressure-rated vessel ends. The components incorporate a socket or bolted connection and increase the achievable overall design pressure from 145 to 290 psi (10 to 20 bar) for vessels consisting entirely of filament-wound glass-reinforced epoxy composite components.

FGS Plymouth joins only one other ASME Section X certificate holder in the UK. With FGS Malaysia considered, there are only 20 other Section X certificate holders worldwide. By gaining ASME certification at the two facilities, FGS can sell a product manufactured to the highest standards with the full accreditation and stamping rights, while allowing for collaboration in design and supply of the possible product solutions.

This added flexibility and collaborative approach will enable FGS to offer competitive, lightweight, and corrosion-resistant vessels rated up to 290 psi (20 bar) as an alternative to austenitic steel vessels often used in seawater applications, and the product would complement the Bondstrand piping, handrail, structural, and subsea product ranges. With the potential to certify a third FGS facility, NOV will be able to increase its range of offerings to a maximum of 60-in. (1.5-m) vessels in the future.