GustoMSC introduces the Design Life application for offshore equipment

Data-driven solution optimizes design life management.

Jack-up rig out at sea
Jan 31, 2024

GustoMSC has added the new Design Life application to the Operator Support System (OSS) software suite, which is part of NOV’s Max™ Platform. Max integrates edge and cloud solutions, providing mobile offshore unit operators with real-time insights and guidance while equipping onshore personnel with engineering, planning, and monitoring tools for project and equipment management.

The Design Life application, OSS.DesignLife, specifically targets optimizing and digitizing the management of equipment design life consumption. Leveraging decades of in-house expertise, GustoMSC delivers this knowledge to clients through a cost-effective digital service.

Operations and maintenance manuals for offshore equipment, such as jacking systems, provide limited guidance on calculating the remaining lifespan, making it challenging for operators to track and manage this information. The original equipment manufacturer’s (OEM) involvement in calculating the remaining lifespan each time an updated insight is needed adds an administrative burden and delays the process.

Utilizing available equipment data and in-house engineering knowledge, the data-driven Design Life app automatically detects the operating modes. It continuously monitors and visualizes the remaining design life through intelligent business logic from deployment. This eliminates the need for operators to contract OEMs for frequent updates, streamlines the process, and provides timely insights into equipment usage.

An essential feature of the Design Life app is its adaptability to existing jack-ups, allowing manual input of historical data logs. This retrofit capability ensures the accuracy of design life information, offering a comprehensive solution for older units.

Developed for the cloud, the Design Life app is securely accessible through the Max Portal. This allows office personnel to stay informed about equipment usage, evaluate operational history, and determine the equipment’s remaining life. GustoMSC’s latest app improves operations efficiency and brings data-driven insights to the offshore industry.

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