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GustoMSC introduces the oss.events edge application

The events app digitizes and automates reporting tasks, saving time.

Jul 18, 2023

The oss.events application is a part of GustoMSC's Operator Support System (OSS) software portfolio. This application digitizes administrative tasks, so the offshore crew can focus on what is important. It also allows us to partner with our end-users to continuously improve how data is handled and build trust with other data-driven software services that add value.

To document offshore operations, crews typically still use pen and paper to log data from systems onboard. Later they manually condense information from these paper logs into handwritten reports that are shared with the office. While there is value in this information, it takes time and effort to follow the procedures and write down times and data from equipment screens every step of the way. NOV's GustoMSC has developed a data-driven application that automates these reporting tasks.

Combined image of the control station with monitors showing GustoMSC oss.events edge application data and close up of monitor

The first product version was developed together with jacking system operators. In that case, the application is tailored to the procedure and reporting requirements when installing or removing a jack-up on a site. Data directly retrieved from the jacking system in real time eliminates human error while reports are objectively, accurately, and consistently generated. The report can be digitally stored, shared, and signed off, saving time for the operator.

User interface for the oss.events app

NOV offers the Max Platform™ as a data platform and a complete development environment that GustoMSC uses to roll out its OSS software applications. These applications are securely accessible through the Max Portal on the edge and in the cloud. Edge applications run on the offshore unit to provide real-time operational insights and guidance to the operators of mobile offshore units and their equipment, whereas cloud applications support shore-based personnel in the planning, engineering, and delivery phases of their projects.

The oss.events web application requires an edge device with the Max Edge IoT software stack, a connected data source, and properly configured network interfaces. Users can then access the application on their local network using any device that supports a modern browser, like Chrome, Firefox, Safari, or Edge.

To learn more about the Max Platform and Operator Support System software portfolio, visit oss.gustomsc.com or contact us via [email protected].

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