In response to the evolving market needs, NOV’s Marine & Construction business unit combined the AmClyde and GustoMSC legacy brands into a Heavy Lift group that provides a more focused service for our customers. The majority of the group is based in Schiedam, The Netherlands, and supported by a dedicated sales, engineering, and aftermarket team in Houston, Texas. The team work closely with clients around the world, benefiting from NOV’s global aftermarket presence.

NOV’s heavy lift cranes combine extensive experience with advanced features. Our newest designs are marked by lower construction weight and environmentally friendly, fully electric systems, resulting in state-of-the-art, competitive products that set us apart from competitors.

Utilizing a flexible, customized approach to the development of the cranes, the Heavy Lift group helps customers identify their operational requirements and specifications. NOV crane engineers and GustoMSC naval architects apply their expertise to develop optimized integrated solutions, enabling clients to find the most efficient tool for their needs.

NOV crane designs offer a range of innovative options, such as the telescopic crane that can be utilized for both foundation and turbine installation, or cranes that feature the latest digital solutions for real-time monitoring, condition-based maintenance, and remote support.

The Heavy Lift group’s improved offerings have resulted in a contract award for a 1600-MT leg crane from Cadeler A/S. A leading turbine and foundation installation contractor in the offshore wind market, the company has relied on NOV for cranes and jacking systems since its inception. The installation of the new crane on the Wind Orca vessel will begin in 2023. Cadeler has also reserved an option to replace the crane on the Wind Osprey.

NOV has also recently been awarded a contract for OHT ASA, a Norwegian heavy transport and installation contractor, while handling ongoing operations with Japanese construction conglomerate Shimizu Corporation.

Shimizu ordered the construction of a GustoMSC SC-14000XL jack-up vessel with an integrated telescopic leg crane. This unit will be the largest self-elevating platform for offshore wind installation to date in Japan, and it will be capable of installing next-generation wind turbines.

The telescopic leg crane offers an innovative combination of high hoisting capability for turbine installation and heavy load capability for foundation installation. The telescopic boom avoids the protrusion of a crane boom outside the hull, increasing transit conditions and maneuverability in ports.

GustoMSC has collaborated with Shimizu on the design of the vessel, and the JMU shipyard will carry out construction with an expected delivery in late 2022.

China Merchants Heavy Industry (CMHI) awarded NOV contracts for the design and supply of equipment for a GustoMSC NG-14000XL-G wind turbine installation jack-up vessel for OHT ASA. Designed with the future in mind, the vessel is specifically tailored to create a next-generation offshore wind installation unit with a significantly reduced carbon footprint.

The vessel will incorporate a proprietary NOV heavy lift crane with a maximum lifting height of up to 165-m above deck. The GustoMSC rack-and-pinion jacking system on board will have a variable speed drive to deliver high performance, reliability, and safety for hundreds of jacking moves along the lifespan of the vessel. CMHI in Jiangsu will construct the vessel and deliver it to OHT in 2023.

These contracts are a testament to the reliability and capabilities of NOV cranes. As offshore wind operations continue ramping up at a remarkable pace, NOV has capitalized on the momentum in the market and is well positioned for future success.