As a leader in designing large self-propelled, self-elevating jack-up vessels for safe and efficient offshore installations, NOV’s GustoMSC operation will help Dominion Energy reach their target to install five gigawatts of US offshore wind turbine capacity. Along with the vessel design, we will supply the integrated jacking system that lifts the complete vessel and its cargo out of the water to safely install the turbines. This will mark the first US-built, Jones Act-compliant wind turbine installation jack-up vessel. The Jones Act requires all vessels carrying goods between two US points be transported on ships built, owned, and operated by American citizens.

The Dominion vessel hull will measure 144 m by 56 m with a depth of 11.5 m, making it one of the world’s largest jack-up vessels. The jack-up will accommodate up to 119 people, a 2,200-t main crane, and a 11,500-t carrying capacity. This cargo capacity is equivalent to more than 5,000 F-150 pick-up trucks. Using our jacking system to lift it safely from the water, the complete vessel and cargo will weigh over 37,000 t combined.

“At GustoMSC we are immensely proud to partner with Dominion Energy, Seajacks, and Keppel AmFELS as we make a historical step in US offshore wind,” stated GustoMSC commercial director Jan-Mark Meeuwisse. “Together we are working hard to develop the first purpose-built wind turbine installation jack-up vessel for use in US waters.”

With the US East Coast planning for more than 28 gigawatts capacity in the next decade, there is a large gap in the US market of next-generation wind turbine installation vessels. We expect an increased demand for installation vessels with lifting and carrying capacity, in addition to hoisting height, as very few active and under-construction vessels currently meet the requirements. However, GustoMSC is well positioned to provide even more jack-up vessel designs and equipment to meet offshore renewable energy demand.

The Dominion vessel will be operational at the end of 2023 and is expected to base out of the Hampton Roads region of Virginia.

To learn more, visit NOV's GustoMSC offshore wind turbine installation web page.