Maximize oil recovery in a cost-efficient and sustainable manner

We invited industry experts to join us for a two-day event in Stavanger, Norway, to address IOR and EOR challenges.

The Seabox team with Seabox
Apr 02, 2020

There are approximately 7.4 billion barrels of untapped hydrocarbons in more than 400 marginal fields in the North Sea. The answer to the recovery? High-quality water and modular technologies that can be moved and placed onto the next project.

Norwegian petroleum directorate (below) shows that 95% of all discoveries yet to be developed are within 60km to a host. Similar numbers are also seen in the UK sector. In total, close to 600 discoveries are untapped.

Most of the discoveries will be developed as subsea solutions

Most of the discoveries will be developed as subsea solutions

How do we address this? We address this issue by enhancing the performance of existing topside facilities, enabling unmanned water injection, maximizing tie-back value, and reservoir value by providing smart water for enhanced oil recovery (EOR), and a significantly reduced carbon footprint.

Our Seabox™ subsea water treatment technology and SWIT™ ultrafiltration and membrane system are world firsts with their pioneering technology that increase oil recovery. The Seabox module consists of three components: tray, still room, and treatment unit. Both Seabox and SWIT are tested, tried, proven, and provide a solution that meets the needs of the industry.

We hosted Seabox Technology Days event in Stavanger, Norway, to share operational results, not only from NOV, but industry professionals including Rystad Energy, The University of Stavanger, FSubsea, Equinor, Wintershall, and Conoco Phillips. Business cases were presented by the operators that discussed how the SWIT technology can be used to improve concrete examples, building on field development solutions for their portfolio.

Even more opportunities were discussed during the event, including great advances by The University of Stavanger for smart water applications. It was concluded that Seabox and SWIT are good solutions for their smart water needs.

Seabox is helping marginal pools become economical again.

Niki Chambers

Project Manager for OGTC

An employee from the University of Stavanger discussed ground types and formations by explaining the differing characteristics of the land, oil, and gas. The presentation highlighted experiments that demonstrated 50% additional oil in sandstone reservoirs, showcasing a significant value creation for an asset (reservoir characteristic dependent).

We were also joined by The Oil and Gas Technology Centre (OGTC), key facilitators in the development and adoption of leading technologies in the industry.

Seabox [is] lowering cost, and enabling reusability.

Graeme Rogerson

Fellow OGTC colleague and project manager

If you would like to request more information from the Technology Days, please contact us at [email protected].

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