New ION+ 5DX PDC shaped cutter for greater durability in hard rock drilling

ReedHycalog’s newest shaped cutter delivers unparalleled performance, and significant cost savings.

Render of a ION+ 5DX shaped cutter with sparks flying
Mar 22, 2022

ReedHycalog’s new ION+ 5DX™ shaped cutters incorporate an optimized multi-faceted geometry, improving mechanical toughness by 60% over conventional cutters and making it remarkably effective in drilling challenging interbedded lithologies. The working ridge has been optimized to withstand sudden impacts while imparting higher compressive loads into the formation for more efficient and effective rock failure.

The ION+ 5DX cutter combined with our already dominant ION+™ cutter technology provides greater durability, increases interval lengths, and eliminates unnecessary and costly bit trips. Our drill bit design engineers strategically position 5DX cutters in a patent pending cutter layout that delivers faster, overall ROP while resisting impact damage in tougher applications.

Drill bits equipped with ION+5DX shaped cutters improved the drill bit life while drilling conglomerates and nodular chert formations setting numerous field records.

Prabhakaran Centala

Manager PDC Shaped Cutter Technology

We continue to rapidly innovate cutter technology and translate rock failure knowledge into time and cost savings for our customers. ReedHycalog™ bits provide consistent performance in applications around the world because we design application specific solutions. The ION+ 5DX shaped cutter technology is one of the newest examples of the ReedHycalog philosophy.

Find more information about our ION+ 5DX cutter here.