To further enhance performance in your mixing operations, we’re proud to announce the commercial availability of our SB mixer for large-tank installations. Built on the Chemineer™ legacy of rugged, high-quality designs and efficient impeller technology, our new, belt-driven SB mixer features a swivel option and updated sealing technology.

Our SB mixer’s belt-driven design means you have easier access for faster seal changes versus gearbox mixers, but you don’t have to sacrifice the torque needed to drive the impeller. And when it comes to impellers, the SB mixer relies on the Chemineer HE-3s impeller, which produces high flow at low shear rates for efficient agitation. The HE-3s impeller has been the perfect fit in thousands of side-entry service installations, providing the high flow per unit of energy input that’s necessary in these operations.   

With a fixed or two-directional swivel option, the SB mixer provides 30° side-to-side horizontal movement for the drive and impeller system, providing full tank control in solids applications such as basic sediment and water. As a requirement in oil and gas applications, the swivel feature allows manual or automatic adjustment of the angle, giving you the ability to efficiently keep solids from building up in your operation.   

Our SB mixer still comes standard with a retracting mechanism, metal-to-metal seal shutoff, and seal shutoff verification technology. After engaging the mechanical seal shutoff, the seal-leak indicator confirms that the metal-to-metal contact is tight before the seal is replaced or rebuilt without the need to drain the vessel. In addition, the two-piece shaft option with a split coupling between the seal and the belt drive simplifies seal replacement without the need to remove the outboard bearing, belt, and sheave, allowing for a simple seal replacement process. 

We designed our SB mixer with maintenance accessibility and performance in mind, while providing an economical alternative to other agitators. Through extensive lab testing, we’ve verified the mechanical integrity of the SB mixer while providing the process performance required in your application. As a full-solution provider of fluid agitation equipment and systems, we look forward to delivering continued performance in your applications. 

For more information, please contact us at: [email protected].