NOV and Bardasz announce collaboration in data management technology and services

Integrating WITSML technology into the Max Platform will optimize real-time data delivery.

Max Cloud Data Delivery visualization
Oct 04, 2022

To address the increasing demand for comprehensive data management solutions in oil and gas drilling and completions operations, NOV and Bardasz have entered into a commercialization agreement to bring the latest Octopus suite of WITSML™ applications to the Max™ Platform.

The solution combines NOV's sensor, data acquisition, and cloud technology with Bardasz WITSML and Energistics Transfer Protocol (ETP) technology. This will enable industry-leading data aggregation and cloud data delivery, along with cutting-edge global field services.

The collaboration allows customers to perform true real-time analytics using high-frequency/low latency data from all equipment and service companies at the well site, resulting in better-informed operational decisions, increased efficiency, and reduced risk.

Through its Max Partners program, NOV brings best-in-class technologies to address the increasing demands for digital services in the oilfield.

Ramon Rodriguez

Director of Digital Commercialization, NOV

Today, Operators must implement custom solutions to overcome the limited interoperability between equipment manufacturers, service companies' data delivery capabilities, and the ability of modeling and analytics tools to consume data in specific formats. Using the combination of NOV and Bardasz technologies, Operators can now leverage the data integrity and performance that WITSML 2.1 and ETP 1.2 provide, keeping their investments in modeling and analytics applications, and avoiding costly and lengthy technology replacement and retraining programs.

“By integrating our solution with NOV's Max Platform, we bring together the best elements of Bardasz and NOV in order to provide customers with the highest quality real-time data for business and operational decision-making,” said Pablo Pérez, CEO, Bardasz.

NOV is the leader in field equipment, instrumentation, and edge- and cloud-based services, with more than 100 years in the measurement industry and more than 22 years in digital data services.

The Bardasz team has over 100 years of experience in real-time data management services to the global Oil and Gas industry. Bardasz is actively involved in the development of new capabilities in WITSML, and is recognized as one of the leading experts in the use of WITSML in the industry.

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