In our March article in Oilfield Technology, we explore several custom solutions we provided to our customers. For Motley Services, we upgraded a competitor’s aging coiled tubing unit with all new equipment, ensuring the unit could handle the larger coiled tubing required for longer laterals. For Copper Tip Energy Services, we developed a custom coiled tubing unit with the ability to interchange complete axle groups in a relatively short time and at minimal cost to the operator, allowing the unit to legally travel between Canada and North America depending on market conditions. For Balanced Energy Services, we created a training program for coiled tubing injectors, helping the company significantly reduce service issues with their expensive capital equipment. For Pioneer Energy Services, we introduced a coiled tubing string design enhancement, TRUE TAPER™ XR, that allowed Pioneer to reach TD on wells that were over 4 miles in MD and that had 1- to 2-mile laterals—performance that simply wasn’t possible with other string designs.

We’ve developed a culture of customer service that keeps our customers engaged and eager to work with us.