In response to the consistent increase in drilling time while trip speeds remain unchanged or even increase further, NOV recognized the need for a solution to address this issue. Thus, NOV developed our first-generation Wellbore Conditioning Tool called the Dog Leg Reamer (DLR). With thousands of successful runs, the product team continuously improved the design and made modifications tailored to the unique challenges encountered in various regions worldwide.

The Redline Reamer, which when incorporated into your drilling assembly, effectively conditions the wellbore by slightly enlarging it. This results in reduced torque generated by the string, while simultaneously agitating and removing accumulated cuttings. NOV’s proprietary Multifunctional Advanced Placement Software (MAPS™) ensures optimal placement of the Redline Reamer in the drillstring, maximizing its efficiency.

Like Redline drill bits, the Redline Reamer is compatible with ReedHycalog’s industry-leading grades of polycrystalline diamond compact (PDC) cutters. When used in conjunction with a Redline bit, the cutting elements are perfectly matched, guaranteeing the best results regardless of the application. This flexibility in cutter selection ensures the most efficient and cost-effective solution to overcome today's technical limits in drilling, tripping, and completion challenges, spanning from the Montney to the Mississauga.

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