NOV launches the AgitatorZP System to maximize drilling performance with zero pressure drop

Downhole's new zero pressure friction reduction technology enables operators to drill farther and faster, maintaining desired flow rates even in the deepest laterals where pressures become critical.

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Jan 31, 2023

Built upon the proven and industry-leading Drilling Agitator™ System, NOV has launched the new AgitatorZP System, a friction reduction tool without pressure limitations. Specifically designed for applications with standpipe pressure limitations, the AgitatorZP System maximizes weight transfer, improving directional control and overall drilling performance in extended-reach laterals.

This innovative zero-pressure technology provides greater flexibility in longer laterals and drilling applications that require dual friction reduction tools to reach complex targets while maintaining higher ROP.

NOV's AgitatorZP's unique design delivers the same amount of friction reduction without requiring additional pressure drop.

Roman Che

Global Product Line Manager, Drilling Agitator Systems

With zero pressure drop across the tool, operators can maintain flow rates for maximum drilling performance and hole cleaning capabilities in the deepest sections of the well. Plus, reduced fuel consumption lowers the carbon footprint of the operation.

The AgitatorZP System is the optimal technology to improve drilling performance in operations where system pressure is critical such as smaller pump capacity rigs or operations running smaller drill pipe sizes.

In addition, this premium performance drilling tool poses no decoding and attenuation concerns. The system does not produce pressure pulses that affect measurement-while-drilling (MWD)/logging-while-drilling tools; therefore, there are no risks for MWD pulse interference, attenuation, or signal decoding.

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