The equipment was submerged in untreated wastewater for five days, and the Hyperion maintenance staff assumed that every piece of rotating equipment would need to be replaced or at the very least, repaired.

Once the untreated wastewater was drained, the Hyperion staff members were shocked to see that not only did the Moyno 2000 pumps run perfectly after replacing the electric motors, but the purged grease was still clean.

“We were stunned that we didn’t have to do any work to the Moyno 2000 pumps,” said Acting Wastewater Mechanic Treatment Supervisor Michael Hernandez. “Initially, we thought we would have to replace the gear joints at a minimum and possibly the whole pump. After we hooked up the new motor, the Moyno pumps worked as they had prior to being submerged. In fact, the Moyno pumps were the only equipment that we didn’t need to perform maintenance on, saving us a lot of time and costs. This is why we only deploy Moyno as our progressive cavity pumps at Hyperion – they are reliable and require minimal maintenance.”

The Moyno 2000 is field proven to be the superior progressing cavity pump in the market. With its exceptional engineering and reliability, the Moyno 2000 pump can be expected to last up to 30 years – even in the harshest of wastewater environments. As one of the four original progressing cavity pump licensees, Moyno continues to be the global leader in innovation, quality, and installation.

While no one wants to experience a flood, especially with untreated sewage, the Moyno pumps provide the security and comfort that, even in the worst conditions, we’ll keep on pumping.

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