As fracturing operations have shifted to extended pumping operations throughout the day, conventional systems must work much harder, resulting in wear and tear on equipment and increased fuel consumption. While the systems have adapted over the years to comply with environmental, social, and corporate governance (ESG) and to improve functionality, these conventional fracturing systems have exhausted all potential efficiency gains. That’s where our Ideal eFrac fleet provides its greatest value.    

We applied our expertise in electric AC Rig technology and forward-thinking, engineered systems to develop an electric frac fleet that positions NOV as a leader in this emerging market. Designed with ESG compliance in mind, the Ideal eFrac system makes an environmental impact through cleaner, more efficient equipment that still performs to expectations. When compared to conventional operations, the Ideal system reduces fuel costs by as much as 89% with wellhead natural gas-powered turbines and lowers CO2 emissions by up to 74% compared to Tier 4 fleets that flare gas. 

Our Ideal eFrac fleet relies on electric equipment and simplified drive trains to get the job done. With a much smaller footprint, the fleet features 5,000-hp, electric-driven pumps and fewer pump bores to service, further eliminating costs related to engines and transmissions. A reduced fleet size also means less equipment to transport, resulting in up to 42% less roadway traffic and further reducing carbon emissions.

At NOV, safety is always our highest priority, and we’ve reduced risks and complexity in all areas—from electrical hook up to rigging iron—to produce a highly organized, simple-to-understand system that doesn’t require intensive training for frac crews. Our fully remote-operated frac fleet uses intelligent machine monitoring and analytics, centralizing knowledge to a single location on the well pad and removing personnel from hazardous equipment and environments.

“Fracturing is a costly and mechanically intensive operation. We wanted to look for the next technology platform that our customers can build their business around, and the Ideal frac fleet is a major step forward in reducing total cost of ownership and simplifying the fracturing process,” states Travis Bolt, product development manager.

Our Ideal eFrac fleet is a comprehensive, streamlined solution that gives operators an upper hand in a fast-changing pressure pumping industry. By reducing carbon emissions, decreasing sound pressure, and minimizing trucking requirements related to equipment needs, we’re helping those same operators usher in the next generation of performance while delivering responsible, cost-effective fracturing operations.