In today’s uncertain market, we know that customers, like fluids, are looking for the path of least resistance when planning and deploying new systems. With its combination of field-proven and cost-effective features, the Mach 1 is meant to be just that. NOV’s new Mach 1 Horizontal Pumping System (HPS) offers state-of-the-art automation, monitoring, data collection and analysis, and a robust alert system to keep your equipment going so you can get the job done.

NOV’s new Mach 1 Horizontal Pumping System (HPS) offers a streamlined, simple process for choosing, installing, and operating multi-stage pumps. From start to finish, the Mach 1 HPS was designed with simplicity, and the operator, in mind. A streamlined purchasing experience means customers no longer spend weeks figuring out what is needed for their specific project or job site. NOV only offers what is truly needed. By reducing the number of options, configure-to-order equipment can be delivered to the customer faster—keeping projects on time and within budget.

“We adapted to what the customer wanted and needed, not what we wanted them to buy,” said Trey Ortegon, Product Line Manager. “The market is full of uncertainty right now, and we know that. We’re not trying to sell you a platinum version with all the bells and whistles—this gets the job done and makes the most of your budget, time, and resources.”

Built on the success of proven, field-tested designs, the Mach 1 offers extended operational life, reduced maintenance, and flexible, easy deployment in ever-changing site conditions. Its interchangeable components and retrofit capabilities rise to meet the needs of a challenging market and truly put the customer in control.

“We did not design it so that the customer had to come back to us because only we can build custom-made parts,” said Ortegon. “We designed it so the customer will want to come back to us because of our high-quality products, expert support, and quick response times.”

The modular design of the HPS accommodates a wide range of pressures and flows to meet the needs of many applications including saltwater disposal, crude oil pipelines, natural gas pipelines, enhanced oil recovery, and lean amine, among others. The base skid can be quickly modified onsite to match operational parameters.

Each pump is pre-wired with NOV’s GoConnect™ equipment monitoring solution and Guardian™ automation and control to seamlessly connect equipment and field personnel, giving operators the ability to capture, visualize, and analyze data in real-time, monitor conditions, and automate flow to enhance site safety and optimize production.

These applications work together to monitor conditions in real-time, 24 hours a day. Customizable monitoring and alerts give customers peace of mind and the assurance that the system is operating at maximum energy efficiency and flow rate—even when they’re not watching.

The Mach 1 brings together the best of tradition and innovation, with new technology enhancing and optimizing proven equipment. The Mach 1 product line complements NOV’s robust pump portfolio. Learn more at