NOV reaches one millionth closure sale

Combination of people and innovation have led to milestone achievement

Sentry Closure
Nov 08, 2021

NOV recently confirmed its one millionth closure sale. The path to this milestone was forged by the people of NOV, who work as a team to connect customers with these crucial products for pipeline safety. A closure functions like a door, providing access to a closed system for inspecting pipelines and pressure vessels.

NOV closures are customizable to any size to suit a customer’s specific requirements, and they protect assets, products, and people from adverse environmental situations and physical harm. A tried and rigorous quality control process is followed at NOV’s state-of-the-art closures facility, to ensure that customers receive reliable and quality products.

As part of NOV’s culture of continuous improvement, its closures have regularly evolved to meet customer and industry needs.

We’ve listened to our customers as we’ve developed new closures. We have pipeline companies that depend on us to maintain their safety, and we’ve done a good job of working with them to develop products specific to their needs.

Sherry Crawford

Customer Service Coordinator

The company has evolved from Sentry I to Sentry II closures. The Sentry II uses o-rings instead of lip seals; an easier design to install and replace in the field. As NOV’s line of closures has grown, so too have opportunities for engineering advancements.

Engineering has done design work to make easier to operate closures; they even look at the ergonomics of people in the field while the closure is attached to a pipeline.

Amber Godwin

Production Manager

Naturally, the evolution of closures and the development of new features have resulted in a host of solutions to customer issues.

We offered only a threaded closure back in the late 80s. We now offer a closure that has no threads.

Ed Jatzlau

Welding Lead

An interlocking device holds the seal of NOV Sentry closures. NOV also offers its internally developed Y2000 closure. It is also threadless, with outer clamps over the hub, preventing the door from reopening under pressure. All NOV closures have pressure alert valves (PAVs) installed. Before a customer can open the closure, they must remove the PAV. Once this is done, the door can be opened safely.

Always striving to remain innovative, NOV has continued to lead the market into the future. Input from customers will be important to future 3D closure models.

The new process automatically generates the required thickness for the design based on pressure, temperature range, etc. Hit ‘generate,’ and it creates documentation for the shop, bypassing the need for a designer or engineer to have to manually generate the document. It also triggers the generation of a 3D model which puts together the components, general arrangement, drawing with building materials, customer information, everything about that order-specific closure. All in two to three minutes, whereas previously it took the drafter 20 to 30 minutes for the drawing alone.

Kerke Smith

Lean Engineering Manager

Also new to NOV closures are QR codes. These will place added information at the fingertips of customers, who will be able to read the codes with their devices, giving them access to catalogs, brochures, and drawings.

NOV’s people possess vast experience, deep product knowledge, and a passion for excellence. These, coupled with the loyalty and the partnership of customers, have resulted in the one millionth closure sale.

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