NOV secures first order for electric subsea crane

New crane improves control and precision while minimizing the environmental impact offshore.

Render of an offshore electrical crane with wind turbines in the background
Feb 15, 2024

At the end of 2023, NOV’s Lifting & Handling group sold the industry’s first-ever electric subsea crane to a company in Europe. This accomplishment is not only a win for NOV but also reflects the industry’s dedication to pushing the boundaries of innovation and efficiency in offshore operations.

Our new electric subsea crane offers a range of advantages. Its enhanced efficiency compared to electro-hydraulic cranes reduces vessel emissions. The innovative design allows for the recovery of potential energy from loads lowered to the seabed, supporting onboard use or storage. Moreover, the electric system eliminates reliance on hydraulic fluid for most components, reducing the risk of spills, making them quieter, and minimizing the environmental impact. These features align with the industry’s growing emphasis on sustainability and responsible resource management.

The crane’s design incorporates proven technologies where advantageous. While hydraulic technology remains in use for luffing cylinders due to its unique benefits, NOV has leveraged an advanced electric motor system for improved control and precision. This approach enhances operational smoothness, reduces downtime, and ensures the crane’s reliability. The modular design and cutting-edge components contribute to ease of maintenance, ultimately leading to reduced operating costs.

We are excited about the market’s response to our electric subsea crane and are proud to have received the first order. By combining our well-proven electric drive technology with our deep expertise, we have developed a crane that will set a new standard in the subsea sector.

Robin Sporsheim

Senior Director at NOV Lifting & Handling

As the industry evolves, NOV remains at the forefront, driving progress and setting the stage for a new era in offshore capabilities.

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