NOV secures Remacut's cable-lay equipment contract for Nexans' new cable-lay vessel

A leap forward in NOV's support towards energy transition

Render of a Nexans rig offshore, with horizon in the background
Dec 12, 2023

Our NOV Italian group, Remacut™, has secured the cable-lay equipment contract for Nexans' new cable-lay vessel (CLV). This achievement represents a significant milestone and underscores NOV's commitment to actively supporting its clients with the energy transition by enhancing its expertise in cable- lay systems.

Remacut offers one of the most advanced integrated cable-lay systems, featuring automated line control equipment capable of performing synchronized bundled-lay operations. Building on the success of its predecessor, the Nexans Aurora CLV, the newly constructed vessel will incorporate a 3,500t underdeck carousel to complement the 10,000t concentric carousel on deck. Tensioners and a capstan, forming the dual PRT & SBD firing lines, are strategically positioned within the dedicated cable-lay hangar of the vessel to serve the carousels.

Render of a Nexans rig offshore, with horizon in the background

Strategic Partnership with Nexans

The collaboration with Nexans, a renowned global player in the subsea cables industry, marks a strategic partnership that will benefit NOV and contribute to the overall advancement of cable lay systems.

We are extremely pleased to be Nexans' selected partner for the New Cable Lay Vessel. By working closely with Nexans, we gain access to invaluable insights, industry best practices, and cutting-edge technologies, strengthening our position as a reliable and innovative Cable Lay System provider.

Paolo Portonero

Managing Director at Remacut

We look forward to a strong partnership with Remacut, where the cable-laying equipment designs from Nexans Aurora will be developed further for the new CLV.

Marco Bregman

Director of Installation & Services at Nexans

Remacut success in securing the equipment package contract for Nexans' cable lay vessel marks a significant milestone in the company's journey toward becoming a prominent player in the cable-lay industry. This achievement positions NOV Remacut as a reliable and innovative partner for future projects in the rapidly evolving landscape of energy transition and infrastructure development.