NOV to deliver cable-lay equipment for Toyo Construction’s hybrid vessel

This integrated cable-lay system enables efficient inter-array and export cable installation.

Render of a Remacut Vard Toyo construction hybrid vessel at sea
May 07, 2024

NOV has received a turnkey contract from VARD to provide an integrated cable-lay system for Toyo Construction’s new hybrid cable-lay and construction vessel. The new vessel will play a major role in Japan’s rising offshore wind sector.

This contract represents another milestone toward establishing NOV as an industry leader in cable-lay systems. Remacut, part of NOV’s Marine and Construction business unit, offers one of the most advanced integrated cable-lay systems. Automated line control enables efficient inter-array and export cable installation, and the system can also be reconfigured for DC cable installation.

For Toyo’s vessel, a VARD 9 15 design, Remacut will provide a 5,000-tonne under-deck carousel, a 4,000-tonne on-deck carousel, lay tensioners, a quadrant handling system, stern chutes, a CPS storage and handling system, plus a set of winches.

Engineering will take place in Stonehouse, UK, and Rivoli, Italy. Manufacturing will also occur in Italy. The Remacut™ cable-lay equipment is expected to be delivered throughout 2025.

This reliable cable-lay system is specially designed for modularity and flexibility. The modules can be mobilized or demobilized quickly to free up the deck for other vessel operations.

We are grateful to have received our first turnkey contract and look forward to strengthening our relationship with VARD. We are also excited to work with Toyo Construction and support Japan’s offshore wind ambitions.

Paolo Portonero

Managing Director, Remacut

“While VARD has done several successful projects together with NOV in the past, VARD is excited to further strengthen the relationship with NOV by joining forces for the first time on cable-lay equipment,” said Torgeir Haugan, Senior Vice President Sales & Marketing, VARD.

“We are delighted with the opportunity to supply our new cable-lay vessel with  NOV’s state-of-the-art cable-lay systems,” said Haruhisa Obayashi, President, Toyo Construction. “NOV’s superb-quality cable-lay systems will boost our intentions to be a top-class contractor for offshore wind and other offshore construction projects.”

This latest contract reflects NOV’s continued leadership in providing the key technologies and equipment necessary for large-scale energy transition-related infrastructure projects.

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Render of a Remacut Vard Toyo construction hybrid vessel from above