NOV to design and equip Havfram’s first wind installation jack-up vessel

This order is the 11th NG-series jack-up currently under construction at various shipyards around the world.

Havfram NG-20000X-HF Sailing render
Dec 20, 2022

NOV has signed contracts with CIMC Raffles to supply a GustoMSC™ NG-20000X self-propelled wind turbine installation jack-up vessel design for Havfram, an offshore wind services company based in Norway.

Havfram NG-20000X-HF Bow render

The NG-20000X-HF vessel will be among the largest wind installation jack-ups in the industry. It features a 3,250-ton heavy lift crane and can install foundations up to 3,000 tons and wind turbines with tip heights over 300 m in water depths up to 70 m. Its large carrying capacity will reduce the number of vessel trips required per development, thereby improving project economics and reducing carbon emissions per installed megawatt.

Havfram NG-20000X-HF Jacked up render

Havfram’s first self-propelled jack-up vessel will be equipped with the proven NOV variable speed drive rack and pinion jacking system, including a regenerative power system technology that feeds the generated power back into the vessel’s system.

“We are extremely grateful for Havfram choosing GustoMSC to support their ambition to become a leading player in the global offshore wind industry. Their capital injection, company restructuring, and new-building ambitions are commendable. We look forward to working together with their experienced team and sharing their excitement to unlock a key bottleneck in developing new clean power generation.”

Nils van Nood

Managing Director of GustoMSC

Even Larsen, CEO of Havfram’s offshore wind construction business, said:

“In a rapidly changing offshore wind market with constant growth in turbine sizes, design robustness and technology risk were key evaluation criteria for selecting the vessel design partner and jack-up technology provider. Individuals in Havfram have established a very high trust in GustoMSC after years of operating their previous generation wind installation jack-ups. Once again, GustoMSC has proven to be a safe choice and a reliable partner, and we sincerely thank their competent and dedicated team for their positive engagement throughout all iteration processes toward an optimized, high-capacity, and future-proof design.”

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