The offshore wind market is moving towards installation of larger next-generation wind turbines with capacity ratings exceeding 14 MW. This requires vessels to have improved crane lifting capacity to install, operate, and maintain offshore wind turbines. Our new crane will have a lifting capacity of 1600 metric tons at a radius of 40 meters, with the main hook 159 meters above the main deck. This is a substantial capacity upgrade compared to the existing NOV crane with 1200 metric tons lifting capacity at a radius of 31 meters.

Nils van Nood, Vice President of Business Development Marine and Construction, said, “We want to thank Cadeler for the trust to grant us the award for this crane replacement project which is of strategic importance for NOV. This is a great step in continuing to increase our presence in the global heavy lift market.”

Our Marine and Construction business unit within the NOV Rig Technologies segment leverages the expertise and experience of our legacy brands AmClydeTM and GustoMSCTM while utilizing NOV’s global presence and manufacturing capabilities.

“As we communicated in connection with our listing earlier in the year, replacement of cranes on our existing vessels is an important strategic priority for Cadeler,” stated Mikkel Gleerup, CEO of Cadeler. “Our vessels are already amongst the best in the industry, but the contracted new and improved cranes will solidify our position as a key supplier within the offshore wind industry. As the market for offshore wind is growing significantly, we intend to put Cadeler in the position to meet the expectations of the market and clients in the coming years for best-in-class installation vessels. We are therefore very pleased with this announcement, with which we are delivering on an important part of our strategy for the benefit of our clients and investors.”

The crane replacement on Wind Orca is expected to start in October 2023, with completion in March 2024.