NOV wins Best Safety Initiative Award from IADC-SAPC

The Make It Right program encourages employees to identify and fix health, safety, environment, and quality issues.

Cross-sections of downhole tools
Aug 15, 2022

NOV has won the Non-Drilling Contractor - Best Safety Initiative Award for 2021 from the IADC – Southern Arabian Peninsula Chapter (IADC-SAPC) for the Make It Right program. The award recognizes a comprehensive safe system of work that seeks to adopt higher order controls and contemporary health and safety management approaches within the Southern Arabian Peninsula.

Part of NOV Wellbore Technologies, Downhole Middle East and North Africa (MENA) launched the Make It Right campaign in Q4 2018. It focuses on weekly continuous improvement and consistency accomplished through our team's creativity to achieve outstanding health, safety, environment, and quality (HSEQ) culture and mindset. The initiative encourages employees to identify and fix HSEQ issues.

The eligibility criteria for this HSE award were to describe and demonstrate an area of excellence a team or organization has made and its effect on the staff/business/industry. The Downhole MENA team submitted the Make It Right 2021 Brochure to the IADC-SAPC HSE Awards Committee for evaluation. The brochure systematically documents the best practices and improvements in HSE, Quality, and Lean initiatives.

All Downhole MENA service centers have adopted the campaign and developed various initiatives to improve their workplace and create a pool of shared best practices across the region.

NOV received the award at IADC-SAPC’s inaugural HSE Awards ceremony, held at its recent Q2 2022 meeting in Dubai.

I would like to take this chance to congratulate the NOV team on the success of their Make It Right campaign. As a previous NOV employee, I am not surprised by the dedication and teamwork to make it successful, effective, and relevant. I hope that the team will keep going on with those great results. At IADC, safety is on top of our priorities through our accreditation programs, the different tools we have developed, our publications, and our conferences and chapter meetings. We look forward to hearing more from the NOV team at next year's event.

Hisham Zebian

IADC Vice President – Eastern Hemisphere

Our customers and suppliers also recognize our safety culture and continuous improvement initiatives.

“Reviewing the brochure you shared with us gave us the impression that over the last three to four years, NOV Downhole has managed to achieve what many companies end up with as forgotten plans,” said Pratik Shah, Executive Director, Trinity Holdings. “The team has proven with flying colors that continuous improvement is possible and that a team effort always delivers far greater results than just individual efforts. Kudos to you and the management team of NOV Downhole in the Middle East for sustaining such a program. I believe that one of the most difficult tasks is to change an organization’s culture, and it is very clear that NOV Downhole has succeeded.”

“Thank you for sharing the Make It Right brochure,” said Hussain Y. Al-Ahmed, Well Construction Technical Director, TAQA. “It’s very informative and shows the value of having a continuous improvement culture."

Non-Drilling Contractor Safety Initiative, NOV 1st place certificate
Make it Shine 2018 - 2021 MENA - First place award