The Max Platform features three main elements:

Max Edge™ brings sophisticated visualization and analytics capabilities to the field. Our best-in-class field service technicians deploy & support hardware infrastructure that houses powerful Max Edge software, enabling aggregation of real-time and historical data sources. The inputs include data from surface and downhole sensors including our wired drill pipe telemetry services, contextual and operational sources, and physical assets throughout the drilling, completion, and production phases. This is not cloud technology reconfigured for the edge; it is a true, premier edge solution.

The Max Core™ is the foundational layer of software that supports analytics and visualization tools via a suite of contextual services delivering better organized and secure data, as well as data administration and authorization tasks. This proprietary technology enables  Max Partner™ application hosting, delivering a curated suite of available analytics applications via the Max Platform.

The Max Portal™ is the visualization interface that enables field personnel as well as remote users to access the same real-time data simultaneously. It is one source of truth.

Through aggregated and organized content, the agnostic software platform ensures well lifecycle data is captured, analyzed, and transformed into an easy-to-use, readily consumable, and understandable format, regardless of rig contractor, wellsite data architecture, or data providers. The Max Platform simplifies and streamlines data handling needs, enabling our customers to generate actionable insights from their data and to turn that knowledge into value.

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