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NOV's ProShot tool provides solution for trajectory monitoring in RSS BHAs

Teledrift ProShot tool provides low-cost, unmanned inclination and azimuth measurements in vertical applications

Aug 12, 2019

In a recent project, a customer was drilling two tangent sections in the SCOOP play located in Grady County. The sections were drilled from approximately 200 ft to total depth at 11,500 ft. Water-based and oil-based mud were used on both wells. The customer needed an MWD tool that would provide inclination and azimuth data in conjunction with their rotary steerable system (RSS) to monitor trajectory in these low-angle tangent sections.

The ProShot™ tool was selected due to its lower operating cost versus a traditional MWD system and its ability to be run without dedicated rigsite supervision. The tool confirmed the build from vertical and monitored the long tangent section at 6°. Each section took more than 10 days to drill, and throughout this time the ProShot functioned consistently without issue, helping the customer to achieve their directional monitoring requirements at a significantly lower cost.

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