NOV's telescopic leg crane wins two prestigious industry awards

Offshore Support Journal and the Maritime Foundation Awards Gala recognize the innovative heavy lift crane.

Telescopic leg crane with horizon
Mar 06, 2024

NOV’s telescopic leg crane has recently received recognition for its exceptional contribution to the offshore industry. At the Offshore Support Journal (OSJ) Industry Gala Dinner & Awards on February 7, the crane won the OSJ Innovation of the Year Award 2024, acknowledging its significant impact on offshore support vessel design, build, and operational aspects over the past year, marking a milestone for the heavy lift industry.

This award follows another win at the Maritime Awards Gala on November 6, 2023, where the telescopic leg crane received the Maritime Innovation Award, solidifying its status as one of the Dutch maritime industry's most remarkable innovations.

The dual recognition at the OSJ Awards and the Maritime Awards is a testament to NOV’s dedication to pushing the boundaries of innovation and providing sustainable solutions for the offshore industry.

Gerben Roks

Sales Director, NOV Heavy Lift

The telescopic leg crane, developed by GustoMSC, is a unique heavy lift crane designed specifically for offshore wind installation. Two jack-up vessels, Shimizu's Blue Wind and Seaway7’s Ventus, are equipped with the crane that has been instrumental in optimizing the offshore wind installation process.

The crane can lift turbines more than 180 m (590 ft) high and 1,000+ tons and retract its boom length by almost half, allowing for safe transport in heavy seas and optimal integration on the vessel. It is fully electric and regenerates energy during load lowering, resulting in a 20% CO2 reduction. This crane is setting a new standard for the offshore industry.

Additionally, NOV has developed a series of telescopic leg cranes that are setting a new standard for the offshore industry. Larger crane models are available for wind turbine and foundation installation, while smaller models are designed for wind turbine maintenance.

NOV looks forward to continuing its trajectory of innovation, contributing to the advancement of offshore technology, and reinforcing its position as a leader in the industry.

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Award being accepted during the OSJ 2024 Awards Gala dinner
Gif of a team shot at the Maritime Awards Gala 2023 switching with an image of an offshore telescopic leg crane

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