Proven connectors set the performance standard in deepwater

XLW is rated at 100% pipe body capacity in internal and external pressure, tension, compression, and bending.

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Jan 03, 2024

In demanding offshore environments with ever-increasing pressures, temperatures, and extreme axial and bending loads, the industry requires robust, proven, and reliable connectors for safe and efficient well construction.

For more than three decades, XL Systems' unrivaled large outer diameter (OD) integral and weld-on connectors for casing, liner string, and conductor applications have set the standard for deepwater operations worldwide.

Our connectors are engineered with a purpose. Our strong technical knowledge and the ease of manufacturing are what make our connections as great as they are today. Unprecedented and extensive research, testing, engineering, and manufacturing have made these connections smooth, easy, and quick for our customers.

Carl Torres

Technical Director, XL Systems

Part of the NOV Completion & Solutions segment, XL Systems is the only provider of wedge thread technology for large-bore (20 in. and above) pipe.

Proprietary wedge thread technology is the key to unlocking superior performance. In the made-up position, the connector threads wedge together, forming a dovetail fit that effectively locks the pin and box together. Negative load flank and stab flank angles ensure smooth load transfer across the thread interface and prevent thread jump-out failures under extreme overload conditions. Wedge threads "shoulder in the threads," streamlining the connector profile by eliminating the need for a bulky torque shoulder.

This unmatched wedge thread technology's built-in high breakout torque resistance eliminates the need for an anti-rotation device. Make-up torque energy stored as interference over the full wedge thread length prevents unintended connector back-off. The tapered wedge thread design also allows for easy handling and a quick makeup, improving safety by removing personnel from the red zone.

In 1986, XLF became the first wedge thread machined on large-diameter pipe. Today, the first-generation wedge thread connector still uniquely satisfies a market segment for large-bore, flush profile connectors with full pipe body pressure ratings. Many major operators in the Gulf of Mexico use the cost-effective integral connector.

XL Systems' connector portfolio continues evolving and expanding to provide superior pipe body strength, structural integrity, and fatigue performance for deep and ultra-deep applications.

For instance, the XLW hybrid connector has performed reliably in harsh environments in several deepwater regions, including the Gulf of Mexico, Eastern Canada, West Africa, and the North Sea. With a weld-on box and integral pin threads, XLW combines the integrity of an internal wedge thread connector with the strength of a weld-on connector.

The hybrid connector is rated to 100% for pipe body capacity in internal and external pressure, tension, compression, and bending. XLW provides 100% sealability because of its dual-seal design. An internal metal-to-metal seal provides the primary seal, while the close-tolerance wedge thread creates a secondary thread-fit seal.

Additionally, the XLW, XLF, and XLC-S are the only larger OD connectors with an integral-threaded pin. Therefore, welding is unnecessary to install the pin connection; XLW only requires a weld-on box, reducing manufacturing costs. A flush inner diameter (ID) profile and integral lift shoulder on the box make for easy handling on the rig.

The simplicity of the XLW and XLW-GT connectors makes them so effective. XLW and XLW-GT are the only deepwater connectors that do not require an anti-rotation device. Our engineering team has proven the breakout torque resistance of the XLW exceeds our competitors that use heavy anti-rotation devices.

Matthew Tate

Regional Manager – North and South America, XL Systems

Recently, our XLW and XLW-GT connectors were successfully run at the first 20,000-psi field development in the deepwater Gulf of Mexico. The reliable 28-in. XLW and 22-in. XLW-GT connectors were deployed from an ultra-deepwater drillship during the construction of subsea production wells.

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