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Successful delivery of boom extension for Taillevent

Sep 11, 2020

Mid-August 2020, the main crane with extended boom on the “Taillevent” was successfully commissioned in PaxOcean shipyard in Singapore. The crane was successfully load tested while the vessel was afloat alongside the quay. Function checks passed and the upgraded crane is fully operational. This extension of the boom of the main crane enables the vessel to handle the installation of the ever-growing size of wind turbines, strengthening Jan De Nul’s position in the offshore sector.

The main scope of GustoMSC was to deliver the insert truss structure for the boom extension, the boom hoist new winch, and the hydraulic motors of the new winch. Inevitably, the vessel itself also needed some modifications for which GustoMSC delivered the engineering expertise and design. The helideck and block pockets were repositioned, and the boom rest was redesigned to integrate the new boom section seamlessly in the Taillevent. Additionally, GustoMSC assisted in the commissioning of the main crane with local support by NOV Singapore and remote support.

GustoMSC received the order for the 15 m boom elongation of the Jan De Nul Taillevent in May 2019. The vessel, acquired by Jan De Nul Group in 2018 (at that time named MPI Discovery), is an NG-7500 GustoMSC wind installation jack-up design. This 6-leg jack up with an overall length of 138.55 m and a breadth of 40.80 m is outfitted with a 1,000 t crane. The feasibility study for the 15 m boom elongation had already been carried out in 2018 for MPI, its former owner. And after several engineering studies for Jan De Nul, this eventually resulted in the order for GustoMSC.