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Business Unit

Completion Tools

Completion Tools offers its oil and gas customers completion products that improve reservoir performance and production, maximize return on capital, and save time.

Your source for completion tools from well construction to multistage fracturing

With a focus on technology, we offer a variety of completion products intended to enhance the access point in a well while optimizing production in the treatment operation of a reservoir. Our tools enable operators to improve the performance of the reservoir while achieving higher extraction ratios, reducing capital expenditure, saving time, and increasing production.

We bring together a portfolio of differentiated completion tool products and solutions to address the most pressing needs of the global well completions marketplace. Our tools, which broadly support horizontal multistage fracturing techniques, include the following product line groupings:

  • Multistage completions: We offer a variety of multistage fracturing completion from plug-and-perf systems and ball-drop systems to coiled tubing systems.
  • Well construction: We provide reliable completion products including liner top packers, liner hangers, PBRs, liner hanger packers, liner cementing and accessories, and liner running and service tools to ensure your well integrity.
  • Downhole monitoring: Gathering and understanding dynamic data recorded during well operations are critical to success. We offer our i-Con, i-Con Real Time, i-Trace, and MaxTrace monitoring tools.
  • ReAct systems: We offer remote signaling capabilities to downhole valves and sleeves with our ReAct product line, which includes circulation valves, electronic liner shoes, cleanout valves, tracer valves, inflow valves, up to tubing filler subs.
  • Intervention systems: We offer various coiled tubing, wireline, and workover completion tools that can be customized to your well.
  • Conventional completion: To support your onshore and offshore projects, we offer a growing suite of conventional completion solutions from production packers to subsurface safety valves and flow control systems.
  • Dissolvable products: Our dissolvable balls and plugs can retain structural integrity under high temperatures and differential pressures for a specific range of time, dependent upon fluid conditions in the wellbore, before dissolving.

You can count on us to install and provide top-quality completion equipment and running tools for your well requirements.