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Fuel Handling

Reliable, corrosion-resistant tanks and pipe for your underground fuel handling systems

We, the Doers

As a leading manufacturer of fuel storage solutions, our Fiber Glass Systems (FGS) team provides fiberglass tank and pipe systems for a range of underground fuel handling applications.

Since manufacturing our first tank and pipe nearly 60 years ago, we’ve maintained our dedication to quality, trust, and purpose. Our commitment to delivering advanced fiberglass products and our attention to customer service hasn’t changed over time. Instead, we’re looking to the future, developing systems and services that address the most significant challenges in underground petroleum applications.

Our FGS team is set to transform the fuel handling services market, leveraging a combined offering of underground storage tanks, piping systems, and field service support to offer an entirely corrosion-resistant solution. Our storage tanks and pipe are manufactured using the industry’s only automated processes to ensure smooth and consistent laminate, and our UL-listed riser pipes use our proven RedThread™ technology to provide greater longevity and corrosion resistance versus metallic materials. To further enhance our position as a full-solution provider, we’re looking at ways of packaging components to streamline the installation process, offering you peace of mind from excavation to grade.

As pioneers of the industry, our approach to business instills a sense of pride in our employees while letting our customers know they can confidently rely on our technologies and service. Our goal is to provide a portfolio of reliable, corrosion-resistant fiberglass products that protects the environment while safely storing and transferring petroleum products. By introducing innovative solutions such as nonmetallic, UL-listed fiberglass tank couplings, manways, and riser pipes, we’re helping to address your challenges now and into the future.  

We build performance on a legacy of success. We manufacture quality products from the inside out. We cultivate trust through partnerships with you, our customers. We grow our business and yours with purpose. We are the doers.

Contact your NOV representative to learn how we can improve the installation process and performance of your underground fuel storage systems, or you can reach us at Fuel Handling: 936-756-7731 and [email protected].

a service station at a Baltimore bus facility where 1,200 ft. of 2-4" Red Thread IIA pipe was installed


We have a rich history of over 55 years of dedicated service to the fuel handling market, and despite industry evolutions our products have stood the test of time. Containment Solutions (CSI) tanks and Fiber Glass Systems (FGS) Pipe have been installed together since the 1980s.

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Building quality from the inside out.

At Fiber Glass Systems, we’re leading the way when it comes to the quality and attention to detail that goes into our fiberglass tanks and pipe. That dedication to quality is one of the reasons we use an automated manufacturing process and proprietary software to ensure precise laminate thickness and composition for our products.

An enduring focus on quality is one of the pillars of our success, and we want you to better understand the ways we’re making a difference in the fuel handling market. Learn more about how we’ve optimized the manufacturing processes for our fiberglass tanks and pipe systems to deliver the product quality, consistency, and service you’ve come to trust.



The definition of trust is a firm belief in the reliability, truth, ability, or strength of someone or something. Trust is a critical asset that must be built and nurtured through every interaction. The We, The Doers campaign will show you the heartbeat of our organization and prove through our products, services, and dedication the we deserve your trust.



Our purpose is to ensure you are provided with the best products and services possible. Part of NOV’s commitment when acquiring Containment Solutions was to expand the manufacturing capabilities of underground storage tanks. Despite the uncertainties of 2020, we have followed through on this commitment. Opening in early 2021 is our new underground storage tank facility located in Grand Bay, Alabama.