Water, Environmental & Flow Solutions

Reliable, corrosion-resistant solutions for your water, wastewater, stormwater, flow control and measurement needs.

Flowtite stormwater tanks being installed underground with use of a crane

Fiber Glass Systems - WEFS

Fiber Glass Systems' newest division, Water, Environmental & Flow Solutions (WEFS), was established in 2022 and brings together a superior composite product offering for water, wastewater, stormwater, desalination, flow control and flow measurement solutions. Building on decades of experience and a tradition of excellence founded by our heritage brands: Containment Solutions™, Belco™, L.F. Manufacturing™, Plasti-Fab™, Ershigs™, Fibra™ and Pipex™, we are pleased to supply superior composite products for all your needs.

To contact your WEFS representative for design and product installation assistance, please reach out to [email protected].

Fiber Glass Systems

Fiber Glass Systems has manufacturing facilities located around the world. We provide composite tanks, piping and structures to the water, environmental, chemical & industrial, oil & gas, marine, offshore, subsea, fuel handling, mining and alternative energy industries.

As a leader in composite tanks, piping systems, and structures we’re excited to share our family of trusted brands: Ershigs™, Containment Solutions™, Belco™, L.F. Manufacturing™, Plasti-Fab™, Pipex™ and Fibra™, F-Chem™, Bondstrand™, Green Thread™, Red Thread™, Red Thread IIA™, Fabricated Plastics™, Fiberspar™, Dualoy™, Star™, Z-Core™, Ceram Core™, Silver Streak™, Polyplaster™, Centricast™, to provide the right solution for any project.

To learn more about Fiber Glass Systems numerous water applications, visit our website www.nov.com/fgs.

FGS WEFS Extension infographic