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Water, Environmental & Flow Solutions

Reliable, corrosion-resistant solutions for your water, wastewater, stormwater, flow control and measurement needs.

Workers digging and installing a wetwell manhole

Fiber Glass Systems - WEFS

Fiber Glass Systems' newest division, Water, Environmental & Flow Solutions (WEFS), was established in 2022 and brings together a superior composite product offering for water, wastewater, stormwater, desalination, flow control and flow measurement solutions. Building on decades of experience and a tradition of excellence founded by our heritage brands: Containment Solutions™, Belco™, L.F. Manufacturing™, Plasti-Fab™, Ershigs™, Fibra™ and Pipex™, we are pleased to supply superior composite products for all your needs.

To contact your WEFS representative for design and product installation assistance, please reach out to [email protected].

Flap gate in use with water rushing out

Fiber Glass Systems

Fiber Glass Systems has manufacturing facilities located around the world. We provide composite tanks, piping and structures to the water, environmental, chemical & industrial, oil & gas, marine, offshore, subsea, fuel handling, mining and alternative energy industries.

As a leader in composite tanks, piping systems, and structures we’re excited to share our family of trusted brands: Ershigs™, Containment Solutions™, Belco™, L.F. Manufacturing™, Plasti-Fab™, Pipex™ and Fibra™, F-Chem™, Bondstrand™, Green Thread™, Red Thread™, Red Thread IIA™, Fabricated Plastics™, Fiberspar™, Dualoy™, Star™, Z-Core™, Ceram Core™, Silver Streak™, Polyplaster™, Centricast™, to provide the right solution for any project.

To learn more about Fiber Glass Systems numerous water applications, visit our website www.nov.com/fgs.

FGS WEFS Extension infographic