Full support throughout your drilling program.

More than just an innovative solutions provider with a wide array of connections and grades, we are also your partner throughout the drilling program. Before you drill, we offer drillstring design analysis and, when needed, optimized custom-designed strings. We offer rig support, including running and handling, technical assistance, and rigsite assistance. And our extensive licensee network is located close to where you drill. With Tuboscope, we provide product life cycle optimization services, including tagging your assets so you can better manage their performance and longevity.

Dedicated solutions for deepwater applications.

We have also applied our know-how to specialty products for deepwater to optimize specific operations.

Our landing strings are built to carry the heaviest casing strings in the deepest offshore wells. Our latest generation landing string includes a patented SlipProof™ design rated to 3 million pounds (1.5 tons).

We also offer well testing, workover, and completion solutions with pressure-rated connections up to 20 KSI with gas-tight metal-to-metal seals. These risers are available in grades ranging from high strength to severe sour service.