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Marine and Construction

A complete life-cycle partner for streamlining your offshore operations.

The offshore industry is constantly evolving, and we’re evolving with it.

Combining years of design and engineering experience with equipment performance feedback, we recognize the challenges and unpredictability of the offshore environment and understand that one size doesn’t fit all. We apply a completely customizable approach to streamline your offshore operations. Whether it’s a vessel design, complete operational system, or a piece of standalone equipment, we’re committed to solving your unique operational challenges in offshore wind, production, construction, marine and drilling, all of which contribute to a sustainable future.

We understand the assets and components in offshore operations, and we develop the optimal, economical solution to truly optimize performance and extend your asset field life. By applying a healthy mixture of our engineering consultancy, manufacturing expertise, superior technologies, integrated systems, and aftermarket support, we’ve gained leading experience and specialist knowledge, and can provide access to the ultimate toolkit that enables optimal flexibility, risk mitigation, and finance options for your successful project developments, including:

  • Heavy lift cranes
  • Jacking, skidding, and fixation systems
  • Jack-up and floater design
  • Engineering consultancy
  • Lifting and handling equipment
  • Pipe and cable lay systems
  • Marine equipment
Engineering team reviewing wind turbine drawings

OEM expertise

From consultancy to tailored design, we provide specialist support for the lifetime of the product and asset, from early design stages to lifetime extension. Years of operational feedback on our equipment and designs helped us grow our technical and commercial knowledge of offshore operations.

raised and lowered jackup rigs in sea

Superior technologies

Built on a legacy of recognized brands, we continue to invest in technologies that challenge the norm and provide premium solutions that enable you to operate more economically in a challenging offshore environment. We partner with you, providing the essential building blocks to reduce interfaces and help achieve your goal with greater energy efficiency and cost-effective operations.

Offshore jackup rig with and wind turbine at sea

Integrated systems

Based on our tailored approach to consultancy, OEM, and our portfolio of superior technologies, we can integrate packages and systems to streamline operations and help solve your unique challenges. We work with other industry experts to apply the best equipment and competencies, providing you with the best value and return on investment.

NOV aftermarket technician


We take care of the full life cycle of the product or asset, ensuring your success is maximized through uptime and reliability. We continue to invest in products and equipment after purchase, allowing repurposing of equipment and training where possible to increase capability and capitalize on the utilization of the asset. Our global footprint enables quick and reliable support anywhere in the world. In addition to 24/7 technical support centers and a global team of field service technicians, we provide aftermarket engineering services, repairs, inspections, surveys, spare parts, and training. As equipment moves into the field, we stand ready to support it with the best customer service in the industry.

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