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M/D Totco

M/D Totco provides real-time drilling instrumentation, visualization solutions, and data communication to support a variety of back-office information management offerings.

For your data acquisition and information management

The M/D Totco™ modular, scalable solutions are designed to display and store the data needed for any rig operation. Our products feature flexible alarms, concise information, and many other capabilities that ensure safe, efficient rig operations. We provide access to real-time and historical drilling data through intuitive software with simple user interfaces, the latest advanced features, and easy-to-use displays.

Our broad range of drilling instrumentation meets worldwide certification requirements, supports industry-standard data protocols, and has an extensive training and field-operations infrastructure. Our solutions are designed to provide the most accurate and dependable drilling information to help your teams make confident, well-informed decisions.

Max Cloud Data Delivery visualization

Max™ Cloud Delivery Service

Fast, easy, and secure delivery of your most important asset—your data.

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Kaizen in drillers cabin

KAIZEN Intelligent Drilling Optimizer

Drilling optimizer employing artificial intelligence to help mitigate drilling dysfunction and improve performance.

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