Research and Development

A local hub for innovation, wherever you are, our talented teams in both the eastern and western hemispheres have facilities allowing you to test new products and technologies before they're commercially used, making sure they're safe and reliable.

Ideal Prime Rig testing in Navasota at dawn

Springett Technology Center

Down a long and winding road in the great state of Texas, far from the bright lights and busy streets of the big city, sits our unique Springett Technology Center (STC). A local hub for innovation, it's here that our talented team tests new products and technologies before they're commercially used, making sure they're safe and reliable. We've built something truly different here—an integrated environment where moving between production shops, offices, and a fully operational drilling rig is standard procedure every day. True innovators need a place to think freely and design quickly. This space allows engineers to transform imaginative concepts into working or scaled-down tangible prototypes. By combining rapid prototype equipment with open-minded collaboration, fledgling ideas can incubate and thrive.

West Pad

The West Pad is designed to provide testing capabilities for the Completion & Production Solutions (CAPS) business segment and creates a versatile test area for process equipment. Additionally, the pad offers room for stand-alone test skids, including the multiphase skid, which is currently onsite, and CellarTech™ technologies.


Our test facility at Flotta in the United Kingdom was opened in 1988 to support the development and testing of full-scale offshore process equipment. Since opening, we have established an internationally recognized facility specializing in effluent treatment and water handling, with three-phase separation and electrostatics capabilities having been added in 2016. We have the capabilities to operate on a continuous once-through basis, ensuring the feed conditions are constant and unaffected by recirculated test fluids. Our state-of-the-art facilities are manned by experienced, on-site process engineers and chemists who evaluate the technology at every step in the process.