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We offer innovative products and technologies that help you optimize the drilling process across a wide range of applications.

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ReedHycalog offers a comprehensive portfolio of BHA components with the latest drilling and evaluation innovations to help you optimize the drilling process. We specialize in drill bits, borehole enlargement solutions, and region-specific coring services that enhance your operations across a wide range of applications.

ReedHycalog™ fixed cutter drill bits deliver efficient, reliable performance in any environment. Our continuous focus on innovation has resulted in the development of the Tektonic™ drill bits series, which uses optimized designs specifically tailored to your operation by our regional design engineers, and helps you achieve maximum performance in every phase of the drilling process. Our regional drill bit series incorporates an innovative combination of our unparalleled ION™ PDC cutters, torque control components, and improved hydraulics to deliver greater reliability and effectiveness.

Our ION PDC shaped cutter technology consistently delivers leading performance due to a process developed by our engineers that allows full understanding of PDC cutter failure modes. An extensive, in-depth cutter-dull analysis for each application and interval allows the right cutter grade to be quickly deployed in specific applications, providing critical data that helps improve the quality and speed at which cutter grades are engineered, all the while improving your drilling economics.

Our industry-leading borehole enlargement (BHE) solutions, specifically Bi-Center bits, underreamers, and specialty and hole conditioning tools, produce high-quality, fully enlarged wellbores in numerous applications. Our BHE tools operate in the most demanding downhole environments to help you master all of your hole-opening challenges.

Additionally, we’ve developed our region-specific coring systems to the highest standards, with leading technologies and processes that minimize risk and provide the largest diameter, highest quality, and fit-for-purpose cores available.


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