Rig Technologies Procurement

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The resources on this page provide essential information for understanding NOV Rig Technologies procurement process, including responding to a request for quote, fulfilling the technical and contractual requirements of a purchase order, preparing your shipment and requesting logistics support, and submitting an invoice for payment.


  • NOV Rig Technologies Supplier InstructionsSpecification for how to execute a NOV Rig Technologies Purchase Order.

  • NOV Purchase Order Terms and ConditionsNational Oilwell Varco , L.P. and Its Affiliates (“NOV”) Purchase Order Terms and conditions

  • NOV European Shipping InstructionSpecification if shipping from a European location

  • NOV US Shipping MatrixSpecification if shipping within the United States

NOV Rig Technologies Supplier Quality Requirements

  • Supplier Quality Management System General Requirements - 102373334Specification covering QHSE requirements for NOV Rig Technologies Suppliers

  • Traceability General Requirements - 103189107These specifications apply when traceability for components; assembly or sub-assemblies are specified by NOV Rig Technologies

  • Raw Material General Requirements - 103188847Specification for raw materials intended for fabrication of NOV Rig Technologies proprietary products

  • Fabrication; Welding General Requirements - 103188871Specification which covers Non-Destructive Examination of NOV Rig Technologies proprietary products

  • NDT - General Requirements - 115679505Specification which covers Non-Destructive Examination of NOV Rig Technologies proprietary products

  • Machining General Requirements - 103188878Specification for machining of NOV Rig Technologies Proprietary products

  • Electrical Assembly General Requirements - 103189068Specification for Electrical Assembly of NOV Rig Technologies proprietary products

  • Final Product Dimensional Control General Requirements - 103188893Specification for dimensional control of NOV Rig Technologies Products

  • Product Monogrammed according to API specs. General Requirements - 103189122Specification for how to satisfy API monogramming requirements on NOV Rig Technologies Products

  • Manufacturing Record Book General Requirements - 101444171Specification for the content and organization of a Manufacturing Record Book (MRB) for NOV Rig Technologies PO

  • Preservation, Packing & Shipping for Commodity Parts General Requirements - 111882831Specification for Packaging, Preservation, and Shipping of commodity parts purchased by NOV Rig Technologies

  • Preservation, Packing & Shipping of Proprietary Parts General Requirements - 103189088Specification for Packaging, Preservation, and Shipping of NOV Rig Technologies Proprietary Parts

  • Elastomers General Requirements - 103189160Specification covering Elastomer for NOV Rig Technologies

  • Forgings & Castings General Requirements - 103189168Specification covering Castings & Forgings for NOV Rig Technologies

  • Surface Treatment General Requirements - 103188898Specification for Surface Treatment of NOV Rig Technologies Proprietary products.

  • Mechanical Assembly General Requirements - 103188918Specification for Mechanical Assembly of NOV Rig Technologies proprietary products.

  • Hydraulic & Pneumatic Assembly General Requirements - 103189060Specification for Hydraulic & Pneumatic Assembly of NOV Rig Technologies proprietary products.

  • Mechanical Completion & Testing General Requirements - 103189078Specification for Mechanical Completion & Testing of NOV Rig Technologies Proprietary Products.

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