We produce bespoke flexible pipe solutions at seaside factories in Denmark and Brazil. Both factories have a high level of manufacturing quality to ensure full reliability in every pipe system. With our own quayside for direct offloading to transport or installation vessels as well as some of the largest storage capacities in the world, we provide clients with maximum flexibility across storage, delivery, and installation. Mostly, pipes are delivered on reels in five different sizes to accommodate length and/or pipe bending radius.

We drive improved interfacing between the many components that constitute the subsea infrastructure of offshore oil and gas production. That means that from design to installation, we create solutions and systems that work better, more efficiently, and with a higher degree of consistent industrialization to the profit of operators across the globe.

Our manufacturing locations in Brazil, Scotland, and Denmark exemplify this approach by working closely with our engineering departments to ensure that all production serves the needs of the given project. From world-class welding in Glenrothes to the development and manufacture of high-tech flexible pipes in Superporto do Açu, Brazil, and Kalundborg, Denmark, we create the subsea solutions for tomorrow’s subsea production.