ESG | Environmental

We provide technologies, products, and services that enable our customers and facilities to operate in a compliant and environmentally conscious manner.

Environmental Stewardship

At NOV, we embrace environmental stewardship through thoughtful procedures and processes designed to mitigate risks and protect the world in which we operate. We provide sophisticated technologies, products, and services that enable our customers and our facilities to operate in a manner that protects our environment while maintaining compliance with local rules and regulations.

Arctic drilling rig

Air Emissions

We recognize that everyone plays a role in managing climate risks and minimizing greenhouse gas emissions. And we're doing our part by providing customers with the level of quality, dedication, and efficiency they expect, while we work to protect the environment and find opportunities for energy optimization and carbon emission reduction.

Overhead shot of ocean rig


We recognize that the responsible use and conservation of water is critical to sustainable operations worldwide. Through process improvements, proactive water management, and increased staff awareness, we continue to reduce the need for fresh water, as well as minimize our total water consumption and wastewater generation.

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