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We invest in the safety, wellbeing, and growth of our employees, customers, and communities.

We Care for People

We are invested in the safety, wellbeing, and growth of our people across our diverse, global workforce. We are committed to creating a safe, prosperous environment for our customers and their employees through our responsible operations, services, and equipment offerings. We believe that giving back creates a continued positive impact while perpetuating stronger ties within our communities.

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Health and Safety Culture

We protect the health and safety of all stakeholders, and our core values reflect our commitment to this objective. We consistently work to ensure that our employees, at all levels, prioritize safe operations to protect themselves and those around them, as well as our neighboring communities.

NOV employees with instructor on job site

Workforce Training and Education

We know that our people drive our success. By investing in opportunities for employee education, we strengthen our employees’ potential from within while improving their work experience. From interactive group sessions to online training opportunities, we offer a variety of programs to support our employees’ growth.

Community youth at NOV event

Community Investment

By investing in communities where we live and work, we create meaningful and positive impacts in the places we call home. Community investment for NOV include provision of volunteer hours and donations to non-profit organizations that benefit or bring awareness to our core focus areas of science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM), human health, and social services.

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Our success depends on the thousands of individuals who deliver NOV services and innovative technologies at locations around the world. Our responsibility, and our promise, is to support employee growth and champion our collective drive. By increasing organizational awareness and promoting diversity, our core values inspire us to maintain an inclusive, employee-first culture throughout our entire global family.

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