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We are a global family, operating in 61 countries around the world, which works to support and create a lasting impact for our industry, our customers, and the communities where we live and work. At NOV, different perspectives and ideas are valued and embraced because together, we are powerful.

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The people of NOV are our most valued resource, which is why we invest in recruiting, developing, and caring for our workforce across the organization. By fostering a diverse, inclusive, and engaging culture, we empower our employees to collaboratively develop the innovative solutions that advance the energy industry and power human progress.

Bonnie Houston

Chief Administrative Officer


Expansion of Employee Networks

During 2023, our employee-led resource groups expanded to include the NOV Caregivers Alliance. Along with Elevating Women Together, Multicultural Professional Partnerships, and VetConnect, these groups foster belonging and provide a support network that encourages a diverse and inclusive work environment.

Forbes Recognized

Forbes has recognized NOV as one of the World’s Top Companies for Women 2023. The company ranked 128th out of 400 companies worldwide that excel at championing women through competitive pay, strong career advancement opportunities, and flexible work arrangements.

Soft Skills Workshops

In 2023, we offered more than 60 soft skills workshops, delivered in-person or online, on a variety of topics, like building business cases and feedback essentials. In 2023, 73% of all managers participated in a learning offering.

Global Diversity

Thirty-six percent of NOV employees work in the United States, 21% in Europe, 14% in Latin America, 12% in the Asia Pacific region, 11% in the Middle East and Africa, 4% in Canada and 2% in China.

4% Employees in Canada

36% Employees in the United States

14% Employees in Latin America

21% Employees in Europe

11% Employees in the Middle East and Africa

2% Employees in China

12% Employees in APAC