Together, we are powerful

Group of rig technicians

Together, we are powerful

NOV is known for its industry leadership, innovation, dynamic culture and resilience; due in part to our commitment to maintaining a diverse workforce, individual inclusion, and equal opportunities. Seeking ideas from individuals from differing backgrounds and perspectives makes good business sense. Different life experiences, gender, age, religion, race, ethnicity, cultural background, sexual orientation, language, education, abilities, perspectives, etc., lead to more innovative and creative business solutions, more informed decision-making, greater employee engagement, and better retention and recruitment of top talent.

NOV's foundation is its global family where there is mutual respect among diverse individuals. Each member of our NOV global family has an integral role in fostering an inclusive environment and ensuring a nondiscriminatory approach to our employment and business practices. We encourage our employees to share their individual perspectives, experiences and ideas with others. We value creating a welcoming environment for different perspectives to be shared and heard with an open mind. At all times, we engage in respectful dialogue.

In support of a diverse, inclusive workforce, NOV intends to:

  • Explore and leverage various recruitment approaches and avenues to attract a demographically broad range of top talent.
  • Train our hiring team on diversity, equality of opportunity and inclusion principles. Be more intentional and conscious of the potential for bias during the hiring, promoting, or evaluating process to provide equality of opportunity for candidates and employees.
  • Help leaders across NOV create opportunities for enhanced diversity, inclusion and equality of opportunity based on merit and performance, within the context of their own team. Create awareness of inclusive practices and provide tools to resist improper bias. 
  • Create feedback loops and metrics that allow managers to gauge how they are meeting diversity, inclusion and equality of opportunity as important goals.

Ultimately, just as our businesses work together to offer various products and services that provide synergistic solutions for our customers, the sum of our individual perspectives and worldviews work together, to form the “DNA” of NOV, and allow us to provide incomparable service above all.  As individuals, we are valuable.  Together, we are powerful.