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Supervisor II

Location: Navasota, TX

Started with NOV: 2014

After returning from service abroad with the US Air Force, Broddrick found a home again with NOV.

When Broddrick returned to Texas after serving 4 years in the US Air Force, he wanted to continue making an impact in his community. After changing jobs a few times, he used his past CNC experience to secure a position at Grant Prideco as a machinist on the shop floor.

But his drive didn't stop after starting at NOV. Broddrick worked night shifts to balance work with going back to school, earning both a bachelor's degree in human resources management and an MBA in finance in less than 4½ years. Now, he's a supervisor of drill pipe production with more than 20 people reporting to him. He's also a member of the Grant Prideco Training Within Industry (TWI) team, which evaluates each department's procedures and creates job breakdowns to standardize tasks.

NOV has given me the opportunity to grow as a human being and career-wise, so I don't see myself anywhere else.

For Broddrick, his main career goal is to give back to the people around him. He sees his coworkers as his comrades — his second family.

His positive attitude is infectious among others on the shop floor, helping to keep production steady and customers satisfied. As a natural leader, he effortlessly manages the balance between recognizing his employees as people while ensuring the business delivers on the bottom line.

Turn and Bore supervisor II, Broddrick, in his office at Grant Prideco facility located in Navasota, TX
Turn and Bore supervisor II, Broddrick, in his office at Grant Prideco facility located in Navasota, TX
Broddrick walking the production floor and talking with reports at Grant Prideco facility located in Navasota, TX
Daily meeting between Broddrick and Master scheduler, Lionel Williams
Portrait of Turn and Bore supervisor II, Broddrick, at Grant Prideco facility in Navasota, TX.