Senior Manager–Digital Marketing

Location: Houston, TX

Started with NOV: 2008

Jeremy meeting with Parker Drilling driller aboard rig 272, operating in Prudhoe Bay, on the North Slope of Alaska

As an account manager based in Singapore, Jeremy worked across 13 time zones to spearhead solutions for his customers. Now, he's helping to lead the Rig Technologies segment into the future of digital marketing.

Jeremy joined NOV immediately after finishing his bachelor's degree in business at the University of Nebraska. After a cross-country move to Houston, he rotated through different job functions within NOV before joining the product line management group within Rig Technologies.

Just a few years later, Jeremy received an opportunity he couldn't pass up: managing the account of one of NOV's largest customers, an offshore drilling contractor in Singapore. For the next 4 years, Jeremy worked inside the drilling contractor's technical support site as the single focal point between the customer and the global NOV network to ensure the customer's needs were met daily. At the time, no other company matched that level of local support in the Eastern Hemisphere.

We have a culture at NOV where you can choose your own adventure.

Jeremy returned stateside in 2014 and is now the senior manager for digital marketing within Rig Technologies. Currently, the group is broadening its scope into the offshore construction market by integrating recent acquisitions in manufacturing and vessel design, providing the expertise needed to design and outfit vessels capable of installing offshore windmills and laying pipe and cable.

At NOV, employees use their interests and passions to drive their own career paths. Jeremy is a perfect example, with his journey at NOV taking him far—literally.

Jeremy and Parker Drilling driller reviewing questions for NOVOS interview aboard rig 272
Detail shot from behind the scenes of Jeremy interviewing BP company man aboard Parker Drilling rig 272
Behind the scenes of Jeremy interviewing BP company man aboard Parker Drilling rig 272
Senior Manager of Digital Marketing, Jeremy, at Prudhoe Bay General Store, the furthest point of Dalton Highway, in Deadhorse, Alaska