• Our History

    We began serving the oil and gas industry in 1916, creating a rich history that would one day be a legacy of National Oilwell Varco (NOV).

    Wheatley Pump and Valve opened for business on March 1, 1916, in Kansas City, Missouri, and Gaso Pumps was also incorporated in Tulsa, Oklahoma that same year. Then, in 1989, the two companies merged together as Wheatley/Gaso and later joined Mission products in 2000 within the NOV family. These products are the standards by which our competitors measure their products

    As the industry-leading manufacturer of reciprocating pumps, we offer a large array of field-proven, reliable piston and plunger pumps backed by a global technical support team. Our product line includes intermittent duty pumps available in single-acting and double-acting models. With simplex, duplex, triplex and quintuplex designs with input horsepower ranges from 2 to 2,600, we have an option that can meet your needs in nearly every application.

    We are the industry leader in the design, manufacturing and distribution of fluid-end expendables, as well as the industry innovator of premium pump expendables including carbide plungers, spherical valve assemblies and premium plunger packaging.

    Our reciprocating pump brands include National, Oilwell, Wheatley, Gaso, Bear and MSW. Our Mono and Moyno progressing cavity pumps also have an 85+ year history that further broadens the range of conditions we serve for our customers.

    Today our pumping product line is global, with plunger pumps operating on every continent including Antarctica. We also have the world’s largest pump distribution network, and we carry the industry’s largest array of single-acting quintuplex pump models available.

    Our pumping products have been a promise to our customers for 100 years and will continue to bring value to the industry for many years to come.

  • 100th

    This year we celebrate the 100th anniversary of the founding of Wheatley and Gaso.


    We have a plunger pump operating on each of the seven continents.


    We have over 175 different models of pumps to choose from.


    We have more than 100 distribution partnerships that conveniently provide our pumps worldwide.

  • Our pumps through the years

    Highlight a year to find out more about our history.

    1. Wheatley is founded in Kansas City, Missouri, by Frank Wheatley Sr. and his brother  
    2. Gaso incorporates in Tulsa, Oklahoma  
    3. Mission Manufacturing is started by the Sharp family  
    4. Rene Moineau invents and patents progressing cavity pumps  
    5. Robbins & Myers acquires North American license for the Moineau progressing cavity pump  
    6. Mono Pumps forms to manufacture and distribute Moineau's pump design in the UK  
    7. National Supply merges with USS Oilwell to become National Oilwell  
    8. Wheatley acquires Gaso, becoming Wheatley/Gaso  
    9. National Oilwell acquires Mission  
    10. Pumping Systems forms  
    11. National Oilwell acquires Wheatley/Gaso  
    12. National Oilwell acquires Mono  
    13. National Oilwell and Varco merge to become National Oilwell Varco (NOV)  
    14. NOV acquires Bear Pumps  
    15. NOV acquires Stork MSW  
    16. NOV acquires Robbins & Myers (R&M) 
    17. Distribution spins off to become DNOW  
    18.  NOV celebrates 100
      years of pumps

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