LogMaster III Logger

Our automated data logging devices are designed to operate in the harsh environment of a workshop.


Designed to operate in harsh workshop environments, our LogMaster III automated data logging device displays and records torque and automatically creates a PDF tool report that includes connection-specific information and a torque-versus-time plot. All LogMaster III functions are easily accessed using the industrial-grade touch screen, and its database maintenance software takes advantage of an office computer to handle the many functions associated with the creation and maintenance of the tool library and allows for a master database to be maintained which can be used on any LogMaster III ensuring that all loggers are using the same database.

  • Allows rapid creation of component and tool libraries, used to create job files
  • LogMaster III devices can download selected job files created on an office computer (PC)


  • Automates data-logging and PDF reporting tools
  • Displays and records applied torque
  • Logs both external and internal connections
  • Customer-specific connections and notes can be added to connections database
  • Maintains common tools and connection templates
  • Includes administrative features to organize and assign tasks
  • Custom, in-house software design
  • NEMA 4X aluminum case
  • 15-in. color display touchscreen with replaceable protective film
  • Software features include:
    • Create/edit tools menu (brand, tool type, size, series)
    • Create/edit tubular connections menu
    • Create/review jobs
    • Assign jobs to specific operators
    • Easy-to-use calibration procedure for Torquemaster™ unit
    • Tool and connection data from your LogMaster II device can be converted into our new database format for seamless sharing of data between old and new loggers


  • Designed to operate in a harsh workshop environment
  • Upgraded software no longer required duplicate tools for different thread lubricants/thread lockers
  • Database is fully searchable by tool serial number, date of operation, or operator name
  • Tool and connection reports saved in PDF for easy transfer and viewing
  • Changes to the torque values and workflows can be automatically made inside the database
  • LogMaster III Logger Spec Sheet

Back view of LogMaster III Logger
LogMaster III Logger closeup
Back view of technician with LogMaster III Logger

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