ReAct Electronic Liner Shoe

As a well pressure control device, the ReAct electronic liner shoe is deployed to autofill the liner and enable pumping operations.


The ReAct™ electronic liner shoe (ELS) is a well pressure control device designed to be installed below ReAct completion valves in the horizontal section of a well. It is deployed as part of the liner in the open position to auto-fill the liner and allow for pumping operations to be performed.

The ELS may be programmed to close upon the expiry of a predetermined ReAct time delay, or by using ReAct pressure recognition technology. In addition, a combination of both the above methods may also be utilized.

Two robust independent sets of ReAct electronic circuits and two independent operating mechanisms provide 100% redundancy. Once closed, the valve is mechanically locked in the closed position, creating a pressure barrier between the liner and the reservoir. This allows for multiple pressure tests to be carried out to test the completion, set the packer, and initiate the ReAct completion valves.

SPE papers:


  • ISO 14998 V3 validated
  • HAL tested and field-proven electronics
  • Delayed closing for up to 120 days
  • Field-proven and reliable technology
  • Two independent electronic circuits
  • Two Independent operating mechanisms
  • Protected sealing surfaces prior to activation
  • Large flow area


  • Auto-fills the liner during deployment
  • Allows pumping through the liner
  • Eliminates the need for an inner work string
  • No intervention or manipulation required
  • Closes to provide pressure integrity after a predetermined time delay or pressure signal, or a combination of both

ReAct Electronic Liner Shoe Specifications

Tool size 4.500 in. 4.500 in.  6.625 in. 6.625 in.
Top connection 4½ in.
13.50# SH-3SB 
4½ in.
12.60# VAMTOP 
6⅝ in.
24# TSH W521             
6⅝ in.
24# TSH W521             
Material 41XX LAS L80  13% Cr L80 13% Cr L80  41XX L80 
Maximum OD 5.750 in. 5.750 in. 8.125 in. 8.125 in.
ID*              2.685 in. 2.685 in. 2.685 in.  2.685 in. 
Length 92.18 in. 92.18 in. 94.00 in. 94.00 in.
Tensile rating 307,000 lb 307,000 lb 394,000 lb 394,000 lb
Absolute pressure rating 10,000 psi 10,000 psi  10,000 psi 10,000 psi
Differential pressure rating (closed) 6,500 psi 6,500 psi  6,500 psi 6,500 psi
Temperature rating 135°C 135°C 135°C 135°C
Flow area 3.400 in.2 3.400 in.2 5.671 in.2
5.671 in.2
Time delay Programmable up to 365 days Programmable up to 365 days
Programmable up to 365 days
Programmable up to 365 days

Other sizes and materials available upon request.
Torque ratings are based on premium end connection.
* ID at the top end. No through bore

  • ReAct Electronic Liner Shoe (ELS) Data Sheet

  • World's Deepest Remotely Operated Liner Shoe Case Study

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